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Tail End Place

A New Innovative Resource For End of Life Planning For Our Dogs

Our Newest Project

Jena Marie Olio of Clicker Pets has long held the vision of creating a paradise for orphaned dogs- dogs who have lost their owners through their death or inability to care for them.

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Our Story

Jena is providing a nurturing homelike setting. The dogs fortunate enough to live in this sanctuary will live in a home with an attached covered patio and play space. A live in house mother will provide 24/7 care.

Tail End Place will provide exercise and stimulation appropriate to each dog. Because the sanctuary is on the grounds of Clicker Pets, many options are available for play and exercise.

Dogs will be served wholesome meals twice per day or as needed for each individual. Veterinary care is available, along with pampering through massage and grooming. In addition, holistic care is available. Each dog will be treated as an individual with the goal of giving each animal companion a beautiful quality of life.

If you know Jena Marie Olio you know that love is in the air at Tail End Place and you can visit her facilities for a look at the scope of her services.

With the help of a generous initial donation of 170,650 pesos (10,000USD) the construction has begun! Jena has funded the project with another 85,000 pesos ($5000 USD).

The goal to complete Tail End Place is another 350,000 pesos (21,000USD) Will you help build a part of this much needed sanctuary? A terrace, a floor, tile, a biodigestor, bathroom installation, gates, electrical. Your contribution will take us closer step by step. 

Here are a few pictures of the project:

Meet The Team

Fundraising for Tail End Place

Please give so that orphan dogs can carry on with their lives in the best conditions possible. Every peso counts!

Ways to Donate:

- PayPal:

- Bank transfer:

Account # (cuenta) 50028378181

Banking standard numbering (Clabe) 036320500283781811
Jena Marie Olio Inbursa

- OXXO or 7 Eleven: Using debt card to deposit in the account: 4658 2859 1275 4409

- Online: (receipt for taxes available)


- Cash: Contact Jena Marie Olio +52 33 1349 2801

You can make
a difference !

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